Welcome to the Spurs Fan Shop, your ultimate destination for a wide selection of Spurs Jerseys! We take great pride in curating an extensive collection of jerseys, ensuring that you have access to both active and retired player jerseys that capture the essence of the San Antonio Spurs.

To bring you the best assortment, we collaborate with multiple trusted 3rd party vendors. By partnering with these vendors, we can offer you a comprehensive range of jerseys that represents the rich history and current roster of the San Antonio Spurs.

In order to make your shopping experience as seamless as possible, we have provided essential information about our jerseys. We believe that understanding the details will help you make an informed decision when placing your order. So, take a moment to review the following information and familiarize yourself with what you can expect from our jerseys.

At the Spurs Fan Shop, we prioritize quality and authenticity. Our jerseys are crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail, ensuring that each one reflects the team's legacy and honors the players who have worn them. Whether you're a fan of the current stars or want to pay homage to Spurs legends of the past, we have you covered.

From the selection of materials to the accuracy of logos, numbers, and names, we strive to provide jerseys that meet the highest standards. You can trust that the jerseys you purchase from us are genuine and officially licensed by the NBA. We believe in delivering products that fans can proudly wear to showcase their support for the San Antonio Spurs.

As you explore our collection, you'll find a diverse range of sizes, styles, and customization options. We offer jerseys for men, women, and youth, ensuring that fans of all ages can find the perfect fit. Additionally, some jerseys can be personalized with your favorite player's name and number, allowing you to create a truly unique piece of Spurs memorabilia.


Active Player Jerseys
Please note that the majority of player jerseys are not readily available as pre-made items from Nike; instead, they are custom-made to your specifications. As a result, the production process typically takes between 2 to 4 weeks to complete, depending on the current volume of orders at the facility.

To ensure a smooth delivery process, player jerseys are shipped directly to you from the production facility. Please be aware that they may arrive separately from any other items in your order.

Rest assured that once your jersey has been crafted and dispatched by the vendor, you will receive a tracking number. This will allow you to monitor the progress of your shipment until it reaches your doorstep.


Retired Player Jerseys
Discover our extensive collection of retired San Antonio Spurs player jerseys, proudly brought to you by Mitchell and Ness. With a diverse array of styles spanning across the years, we offer a nostalgic tribute to the legends who have graced the Spurs' court.

To ensure your convenience, we maintain a substantial stock of these jerseys in our facility. This means that upon placing your order, we can promptly prepare and ship your desired jersey, allowing you to enjoy it without delay.

Immerse yourself in the history of the San Antonio Spurs by donning the jerseys that pay homage to the iconic players who have left an indelible mark on the franchise. From classic designs to vintage-inspired aesthetics, our collection captures the spirit and achievements of the past, allowing you to celebrate the rich heritage of the team.


Personalized Nike Jerseys
It's important to note that each of these custom jerseys is meticulously made to order, requiring an estimated 2 to 4 weeks for completion. We understand your eagerness to receive your personalized jersey, and rest assured that it will be shipped directly to you from the manufacturer. As a result, it may arrive separately from the other items in your order. We appreciate your patience during the shipping process.

To ensure the highest standards of quality and appropriateness, all personalized jerseys undergo a thorough review for approval. Our dedicated team carefully evaluates each design to confirm its compliance with our guidelines, guaranteeing that no vulgarity or offensive content is included. We strive to maintain an inclusive and respectful environment for all fans.

When it comes to customization options, you can request fully custom names or choose from the roster of active or retired players. However, please note that our policy does not permit the production of custom jerseys featuring potential NBA draft-eligible players until we have received explicit approval from the NBA League Office, along with the authorized names and jersey numbers.

Regrettably, requests for custom jerseys with "Popovich" are not allowed due to restrictions on naming rights. While we understand the desire to pay homage to the esteemed coach, we must adhere to these guidelines.

Please be aware that, due to the personalized nature of these jerseys, cancellations or returns are not possible unless the item arrived damaged or defective. Our goal is to provide you with a flawless and customized product that exceeds your expectations.

Unleash your creativity and design a jersey that reflects your unique fandom and passion for the San Antonio Spurs. Start customizing your Nike Swingman or Authentic jersey today and proudly display your unwavering support in a style that is entirely your own.


Self Sponsorship Patch
Please take note of the following information regarding the Self Sponsor Patches provided by the Spurs Fan Shop, both online and in-store:

  1. Nike and Fanatics Jerseys: All Nike and Fanatics jerseys available at the Spurs Fan Shop, regardless of the platform of purchase, will include the Self sponsorship patch as a standard feature, symbolizing the team's partnership with Self.

Exceptions to the Self sponsorship patch inclusion are as follows:

  1. Retired Player Jerseys from Mitchell and Ness: Retired player jerseys offered by Mitchell and Ness, a trusted vendor, will not feature the Self sponsorship patch. 

  2. Coyote Jerseys: Regardless of the vendor, all jerseys featuring the beloved Spurs mascot, Coyote, will not bear the Self sponsorship patch. 

For all other Nike Swingman and Authentic jerseys available at the Spurs Fan Shop, including current player jerseys and various styles, the Self sponsorship patch will be included. 


Cancelling Jersey Orders.
Please review the following guidelines regarding cancellations and returns for jersey orders:

  1. Cancellation Requests: If you wish to cancel a jersey order, you have a window of 24 hours from the time of purchase to submit a cancellation request. After this 24-hour period, the jersey order cannot be canceled as it will have already been sent to production. 

  2. Return Policy for Active or Retired Player Jerseys: You have the option to return an active or retired player jersey, subject to the terms of our return policy. Please refer to our return policy for specific details and conditions regarding returns.

  3. Custom Jerseys: Please note that custom jerseys, which are personalized to your specifications, cannot be returned. Due to their unique nature, custom jerseys are ineligible for return or exchange unless they are damaged during production or shipping.

We encourage you to thoroughly review your order before completing the purchase to ensure that you are satisfied with your selection. If you have any further questions or require assistance, our dedicated customer service team is available to assist you.


Production and Shipping Times
The 2 to 4 week production time is in addition to any transit times based on your chosen shipping method. Production times are based on order volume at the production facilities and will vary based on many factors.

Shipping times are based on your location. Most jerseys ship from New York directly you and shipping times for ground deliveries will reflect this.

Jerseys are not available for in store pick up and will ship to the shipping address provided in your order. Other items in your order may be available for in store pick up.

If you have any questions about this please contact us at or by phone at 210-444-5555.


Cleaning Your Jerseys
To receive the most benefit from your purchase, please follow the care instructions below:


  • Turn inside out
  • Use cold water, normal wash
  • Line dry for best results

Do Not

  • Bleach
  • Dryer
  • Iron